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Advance Reader Testimonials

Daniel Samson, Author & family support for cancer patient

Driving Pink is powerful, informative, and accessible. The story, strategies, and illustration of the experience will surely help many people—knowing what to expect can reduce fear and anxiety. Readers follow the author’s journey to find a roadmap of their own, filled with tips, resources, and encouragement for a life with and beyond cancer.

Eva P. Scott, Author & cancer survivor (year one)

My journey was one of constant changes, people telling me flat-out wrong info at times. Very confusing. Driving Pink empowers both patients and their circle of support to navigate an individual’s cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery with greater confidence and peace.

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1 in 8 U.S. Women May Be Driving Pink

New Book Helps Women With A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Driving Pink: Power & Peace When Navigating a Breast Cancer Journey offers new support for both individuals with a breast cancer diagnosis and their care team. The book includes practical preparations for procedures and treatment, insight on researching information, lists of resources and supplies, and record keeping suggestions. More importantly, Driving Pink focuses on encouraging a patient to be fully informed to make choices in her best interest and curate mental and physical resiliency. Family members and medical practitioners also benefit by learning how a patient might best be supported.

Driving Pink Empowers

Written by Kathryn Bingham, PhD, Driving Pink both tells Dr. Bingham’s story and informs a new patient about what’s to come in her own journey. The narrative of Driving Pink organizes a cancer journey into three parts:

  • Initial diagnostics from “the call” and how a patient might prepare for what’s ahead;
  • The medical response, in terms of surgery, diagnostics, oncology, and treatment; and
  • Post-treatment follow up care and embracing a new normal.

“I wanted to equip and inspire women with a cancer diagnosis to live vibrantly through their journey,” said Dr. Bingham. “My goal is to make a difference in the empowerment of patients and those who support them.”

Driving Pink provides meaningful and thoughtful ideas for living well during a breast cancer journey. When the unexpected hits, we have all sorts of questions about what will happen, what we need, and how we—and others around us—will be impacted. Driving Pink is laid out in a way to be helpful for both individuals who “get the call” and for family or other members of that person’s support system.

Each chapter begins with an inspirational “journey” quote and concludes with prompts for reflection. My goal is to make a difference in the empowerment of patients and those who support them. Do you have a book club or cancer support group? Reach out to have author, Dr. Kathryn Bingham, visit in person or virtually to share insights from Driving Pink and answer questions.

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