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Tools & FAQ

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“Why can’t I comment on your blog?” you’re asking!

I started out having comments on the blog itself. Unfortunately, I faced two issues:

  1. First, despite using filters, the thoughts added by readers were hidden amongst an abundance of spam. It became increasingly difficult to monitor. Occasionally, the spam was well disguised. And, frankly, this took away my intent to generate conversation and community. Which leads me to …
  2. Other social media platforms better support community creation and the ability to hold conversations. So, I’ve moved comments to a LEADistics Facebook page. As a widely used social media platform, it’s accessible to almost everyone. I provide a link at the bottom of every post to make it easy to share your thoughts. And, if Facebook is not your platform of choice, you can also tweet me!

I would love to engage in conversation, and welcome your comments and honest feedback. I also invite you to share posts via your favorite social media platform.

I do ask that guests leaving comments be mindful of civil discourse. Please share critique of my thoughts and those of other guests in a respectful way. While I’m reluctant to ever censor a voice, I will delete comments that are intentionally hurtful or use language not suitable for broad, professional audiences. Thank you, in advance, for your courtesy and consideration!


With the exception of “guest posts” written by others (see the bottom of this page), the content on this Web site is owned by and copyrighted in the name of Kathryn Bingham, with all rights reserved. I want to strike the appropriate balance between getting my content widely distributed while also protecting my intellectual property rights. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Without My Permission

You are free to do the following without my permission:

  • Link to my site or any specific post on my site.
  • Extract and re-post less than 100 words on any other site, provided you link back to my original post (or page, if that’s the source of what you are sharing).
  • Print off my posts and photocopy up to 50 copies for internal distribution within your own company or organization.
  • Print my posts in any non-commercial publication (e.g., company newsletter, church newsletter, class syllabus, etc.), provided you include this copyright notice: “© [insert year], Kathryn Bingham. All rights reserved. Originally published at [or].”

Not Without My Permission

You must have my express written consent to do any of the following:

  • Use this content in for commercial purposes, including selling or licensing printed or digital versions of my content.
  • Alter, transform, or build upon this work.

Re-posting and Translation Rights

I do not permit the re-posting of my posts in their entirety. This is because Google penalizes websites for publishing duplicate content. It often can’t tell which site hosts the original, so I risk getting penalized myself for granting permission.

In addition, I don’t allow the translation and publication of my work in other languages. I simply don’t have the resources to validate the quality of the work.

Guest Posts

Guest bloggers retain the copyright to the posts they write. The above permission guidelines do not apply to their work. If you are interested in re-posting or publishing their content, you must contact them directly. I cannot serve as a broker, agent, or contact point.

If you have some use for my content that is not covered here, please email.

Private Client Portal2022-08-02T18:18:46-04:00

We have migrated our online learning and development to a new platform. Users may access this link: LEADistics Portal; or use the blue button at the top right of any site page’s menu. Portal visitors may sign up (opt-in) for free content and resources and purchase courses and services.

If you’re interested in elevating your leadership, reach out for a complimentary Discovery conversation (aka “virtual coffee”).
Discovery Calendar

We’re in the process of integrating information between the portal and this site. Subscribers to the LeadUP newsletter get early notice of new content and access to pilot programs.

Terms of Use2022-08-02T18:29:32-04:00, LEADistics LLC, and Driving Pink Terms of Use Effective 20220521

NOTE: Website transition, beginning July 2022. This policy encompasses the original LEADistics LLC home site (, the Driving Pink home site (, and the new parent site (, under construction). DURING transition, some content and links may only appear on one site; however, these are binding across all sites., LEADistics LLC (“LEADistics,” “we,” “us,” “our”) offers all guests, visitors, and users  (“you”) of our site (the “site,” “,” “” and any related domains/subdomains) and services, a Terms of Use (sometimes known as Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service) to clearly show both our expectations in partnering with you and what you can expect from us.

Our Privacy Policy provides additional detail on collecting and protecting data you may provide directly or indirectly to us.

We refer to the collective terms and provisions of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as the “agreement.”

We refer to any use of our site, services, and products collectively as the “service.” Specific services and products include such options as coaching, consulting, courses, workshops, seminars, keynotes, books, and events.

By accessing and using our service, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. In addition, when using services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by this agreement, please do not use this service.

Intellectual Property

The Site and its original content, features, and functionality are owned by Dr. Kathryn Bingham and LEADistics and are protected by international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws. This includes logos, designs, tag lines, and all other forms of content, regardless of media employed to deliver the content.

Original content developed and delivered through posts, speaking, live and recorded events, courses, videos, workshops, webinars, or other services, etc. is also owned by Dr. Kathryn Bingham and LEADistics, and is protected as stated above, with all rights reserved.  Client requests for video or other content recording or dissemination will be handled under separate contract.

Public Facing and Protected Content

Our site has two parts, a public facing website informational website and a membership based component to deliver content not available to the public.

  • Permissions, 100 words or less. You may quote up to 100 words of public facing content, as long as you provide clear attribution (Dr. Kathryn Bingham, CEO | LEADistics LLC, with a link to the post or page at or
  • Permissions, over 100 words. If you wish to quote public facing passages longer than 100 words, please send your request via our contact form located at Include your name, the specific passage and where located, and where and how you would like to use the content.
  • Accuracy. The site and its components are offered for informational purposes and effort is made to assure reliable sources and research based content. However, because (1) we have humans and nobody is perfect and (2) visitors, guests, and users vary widely in what each perceives constitutes utility or how they interact with content, this site shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the site, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information.
  • While reputable hosting vendors and service providers support our platform, we cannot guarantee that our site will be accessible 100% of the time. We are not liable for an occasional service outage.
  • Participation, over the age of 18. Our site focuses on providing information and services appropriate to executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who seek to elevate leadership growth and facilitate transitions. Because this may involve purchases of protected content or services, users must be adults over the age of 18 years old. Site agreement includes your assertion that you are over the age of 18 years old.
  • Participation, considerate professional behavior. In some cases, services are delivered in a group setting or with access to a discussion forum. We expect all participants to extend respect to others. While individuals do not have to agree with each other, all participant communication and engagement must reflect productive civil discourse. Abuse will not be tolerated, and abuser’s access and rights to participate will be terminated without recourse.
  • Termination. We take abuse of the site and/or other participants seriously. We may terminate your access to the site, without cause or notice, which may result in the forfeiture and destruction of all information associated with your account/profile. All provisions of this agreement that, by their nature, should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, indemnity, and limitations of liability.
  • Other restrictions. No person or party may, by any means, access protected (member based) content or the private spaces of other Participants. Protected content is not to be copied, reimaged, shared, converted to other formats, or used in any way other than intended by LEADistics or our clients. This includes any process, design, organization, and set up or delivery of services.

Payment Policy

LEADistics offers a variety of services; each with a mix of payment methods.

  • Speaking and Events. Keynotes and other professional development or events require a separate contract. After learning about your objectives, we will provide a proposal and contract. Terms include a fifty percent deposit due upon booking agreement and the balance at the venue prior to delivery. Travel, accommodations, and meals are a separate expense. Payment via check or credit card (via Stripe or PayPal). We reserve your slot and invest considerable time preparing for your event and unique audience, therefore the following cancellation fees will apply: 75% for 30 days or less; 50% for 31-60 days; 25% for 61-90 days; 10% for 91-120 days prior to event.
  • Coaching, Group Coaching, Coaching Intensives, and Masterminds. All coaching incorporates a separate agreement; Masterminds also require an application. Subject to the package selected, payment options include a single upfront fee, payment plan, or annual/monthly fees. Payment by credit card (via Stripe or PayPal); in some cases a check can be arranged.
  • Courses. Courses are purchased through the membership portal using a credit card (via Stripe or PayPal). Short courses offer a single payment for access; longer courses generally allow an alternate option of a payment plan.
  • Consulting. Payment options for consulting work varies by project and duration. Some projects offer monthly invoicing, due upon receipt, and payable by check.

Delivery of Goods

We do not at this time sell physical products; however, we occasionally offer a bonus item or ship learning materials for an event. Under these circumstances, we use reputable third party carriers such as USPS, UPS, or FedEx. As soon as the carrier takes possession of a shipment, they are responsible for the content’s condition and on-time delivery.

Advertising and Affiliations

We do not have advertisements on our site.  We take our credibility seriously, only endorse products or services we believe in.

We may share research results obtained through public and academic sources. From time to time, we review, refer to, or even recommend works of other authors.  For the most part, we will have purchased another author’s work, although occasionally we receive a “review copy.” We will never recommend content we have not fully reviewed with appropriate academic and professional skepticism and we will never post anything other than an honest review. We do not recommend other sites, products, or materials that we do not consider our users and clients will find valuable.

From time to time we may create “affiliate” relationships. An affiliate relationship may provide financial or other benefit for making something available for you to purchase. You are fully free to make a purchase (or not) of an affiliate’s offering. Any such offering will be clearly identified.

Links to Other Websites

This site contains links to other sites or resources controlled by others. Because these sites are not owned or controlled by LEADistics, we cannot assume responsibility for the content or general practices of these third party sites and/or services. We strongly advise you to read the entire terms and conditions and privacy policy of any site you visit as a result of a link posted on our site.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the laws of South Carolina, in the United States. You agree that legal action of any kind, including arbitration, will be conducted solely in Charleston County, South Carolina.

Updates and Changes

We reserve the right to change this agreement from time to time and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. You are advised to re-read this agreement on a regular basis.

If we make any changes to our terms or privacy policy, we will announce changes on our home page and on other key pages on our site for a period of 30 days. If there are any changes in how we use our site customers’ Personally Identifiable Information, notification by email will be made to those affected by the change. Again, you are advised to re-read our policy on a regular basis.


Privacy Policy2022-08-02T17:51:52-04:00

Our Privacy Policy has its own page. Please visit the policy here.

Dr. Kathryn Bingham working at computer

Resource Recommendations


I’m often asked, “what do I use for (a specific process or product)?” or “could you recommend a book on (topic)?” On this page, you’ll find answers I give to clients, entrepreneurs, and audiences.


Throughout this and the LEADistics and Portal sites, I mention books, authors, research, and thought leaders. I only share texts and research I’ve read; I look for authors who apply appropriate due diligence and follow rigorous standards or demonstrate significant experience. Likewise, I only recommend resources when I have first hand experience with a product or resource and find these valuable.

Some (not all) resources use “affiliate” links. What this means is I will earn a small percentage if you decide to purchase or subscribe to a product I recommend. If you purchase a $10 book, for example, the vendor might share 50-70 cents.

Here’s why I started to ask for and share “affiliate” links: I invest time developing content that I want to be able to give away. The small earnings from affiliate links help to underwrite costs of offering free and low cost content.

All affiliate links are clearly identified. Thank you for considering using these for any purchases that you plan to make anyway.


All books mentioned in articles, posts, courses, and on our curated reading list include Amazon Associate links. I’m a fan of Amazon because (1) interested purchasers can compare the thoughts and evaluations of many readers before buying, (2) the costs tend to be really affordable—especially to book addicts like me, and (3) the “wish list” feature is an awesome way to park future reading ideas.

Planners & Journals

Passion Planner. I’ve evaluated dozens of planners, and used this product for the past nine years. Passion Planner is a full featured, yet affordable option that comes in multiple colors, Sunday or Monday start, and Academic, Calendar, and Undated options. Angelia Trinidad, the entrepreneurial founder, started her small business in San Diego, CA shortly after completing college. This planner has a huge following—the #PASHFAM, and the company supports schools, non-profits, and worthy individuals with their “get one, give one” program.

Freedom Journal and Mastery Journal. [Affiliate links] Want to achieve an ambitious goal in the next 100 days? Freedom Journal is for you! Want to become fantastically disciplined and productive? Mastery Journal is a perfect tool! I recommend these two journals all the time to coaching clients. The journals’ designer, John Lee Dumas, AKA “JLD,” is a veteran and entrepreneur who hosts the podcast EOFire (Entrepreneurs on Fire). Both journals use a 100 day format, divided into ten 10-day sprints. The Freedom Journal emphasizes focus, setting milestones, inspiration, overcoming obstacles, and employing supportive habits. The Mastery Journal facilitates achieving flow through unique routines, breaking daily objectives into timed sessions, and building an understanding of how to achieve productivity and discipline.

Tools & Apps

Acuity. [Affiliate link] Forget the back-and-forth email and phone exchanges to play scheduling tag. Acuity offers the simplicity of setting open blocks of time so your colleagues and clients can choose what works. This tool is easy to configure, sets up quickly, and offers a professional look and feel. Now to be fair, I also use Calendly. But I use this exclusively to book interview slots with guest for LeadUP! Conversations, and the notice triggers a series of actions that are different from the actions initiated with Acuity meetings.

Infinity. [Affiliate link] Communication, project and task management for individuals and teams. LOVE this. Infinity uses a board and card visual metaphor, and users can choose any grouping category to move tasks/items through a completion process. Process tags can be very simple: Tasks > In Process > Completed. Or To Do > Discussion > Delegated > Doing > Done. Cards support assignments to team members, checklists, activity updates, and more. Simply drag and drop cards from one category to another. I use Infinity for Onboarding, Team assignments, Status calls. I used to use Trello. [Affiliate link] And, don’t get me wrong, Trello is “beautiful.” But Infinity has vastly more features for a one time (flat fee) purchase than you’d get with Trello, Asana, and other similar tools that require monthly or annual payments.

Evernote. [Affiliate link] Over and over I heard “you need Evernote!” Clip websites, organize info, set up ticklers and lists, plan book content. I thought, no, I have other systems … until someone shared some Evernote GTD (Getting Things Done) templates. This has become an uber essential tool with so, so many uses. Evernote uses a “notes” and “notebook” metaphor for organizing. Attach images, pdf, and other files. The company has an integration with Slack.

Zoom. Online conference calling, using audio only or video options. Schedule individual and group online meetings, with screen sharing tools. Record and post webinars. Really easy to use.

Project managment documents
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