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Our courses reside on a learning platform, accessed through the “PORTAL” button in the menu (top right, on every page of our website). You’ll find a mix of “self paced” learning, as well as programs that combine coaching and learning.


  • Leadership Essentials In Life & Work
  • Design the Dream
  • Align Your Systems
  • Jumpstart Your BHAG* (*Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
  • Winning Process for Non Geeks
  • Life Reinvention Summit


Some courses are “visible” in the portal. Others appear after purchase. When you choose a course or program, you’ll receive log-in information through an email. The portal is a private learning space that you can visit anytime. When you complete activities, you’ll earn “engagement points.” A few courses offer bonus modules or features when you earn enough points.

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Portal Updates

Each year during the summer months, we refresh the portal. If you visit and don’t see a course that was previously available, we may be updating content. When a new course is added or updated, an announcement appears in the newsletter and on our Imagine Bravely blog. During the transition from the original LEADistics site to this one (summer of 2022), announcements may be delayed slightly.

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A key take-away involves fostering creativity, autonomy, and confidence in my staff will build a stronger environment built on trust. … Leadership isn’t about being the “problem solver,” it’s about teaching and helping others to solve their own problems.
Sarah P, President, LaDiff

Kathryn served as my supervisory coach in University of San Diego’s Leadership Coaching Program. Kathryn helped me develop skills of being present with clients, hearing what is not being said, and co-guiding a conversation where the client needs it to go. She facilitated my ability to see beyond what’s in front of me, enhancing my capacity to help clients achieve their goals. She helped me recognize that the coaching process is collaborative, powerful, and rewarding.

Shelia K, Doctoral Graduate, University of San Diego

Some of the issues at work do not have the root cause I believed. I see a path forward now (this is huge). The program had tons of practical application of the concepts that I can take with me and start using immediately.

Triche L, COO, Caracole

I’ve known Kathryn for several years. She has been a reliable resource of knowledge and support… she assisted me in developing a plan to better know myself and those that I work with to be a more effective leader. Kathryn is a great leader, mentor, and coach.

Stephanie G, Senior Manager, SRI International

The Executive Meeting was worth the investment with great content. Kathryn was very approachable and I loved the advance book recommendations and reviews done by our small groups.

Connie P, CEO, Affordable Design Solutions

Dr.Bingham taught me that no matter what life throws at me and regardless of what comes next, this is my story to write. She is the person you can faithfully rely on to tell you what you need to hear while supporting you through every step of developing your path.

Valerie H, Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business

As a communications executive, I appreciate Kathryn’s ability to translate complex concepts (i.e., financial or statistical analysis) into the language of her target audience. She draws on an array of tools, analogies, and examples that resonate with professionals of multiple disciplines. Her clear business acumen and concise interpretations make her highly credible across diverse environments.

Fernando V, VP Comms, Maxar

As a coach of top talent, Kathryn focuses on developing leadership and interpersonal skills, cultural and generational sensitivities, and characteristics executives need in the current business environment. She makes sure an individual’s executive presence is not just experienced face to face, but across dimensions of global virtual engagement. Kathryn enables leaders to see and respond to stakeholder perceptions, authentically and successfully.

Anita H, Audit Director, Raytheon

I don’t like to follow in the footsteps. I like to learn from the footsteps that came before me, forge my own path. ~Shari Redstone

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