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In this video, Dr. Kathryn Bingham, Dr. Charles Bergman and Susan Mann, explore the extraordinary quest to see every species of penguin in the world in its natural environment, as captured in the book, Every Penguin in the World: The Quest To See Them All (an amazing book that appeals to adults and children). The conversation invites viewers to consider the idea of a quest as a metaphor for both leadership and purpose in life and work. Key topics include:

  • Starting with a personal adventure. The journey to see Every Penguin in the World began with a personal adventure that turned into something much bigger.
  • Asking and answering the question, “who are you?”
  • Do what’s uncomfortable and discover what’s possible.
  • We don’t learn from our place of comfort. • Using creativity to be fully present.
  • The impacts of personal decision-making and leadership choice on ecology and environment.
  • Watch or listen here.

Here’s a few ways for you to reach out and connect Charles Bergman and Susan Mann:

     A Penguin Told me a Secret (with Susan Mann)

     Orion’s Legacy: A Cultural History of Man As Hunter

     Wild Echoes: Encounters with the Most Endangered Animals in North America

     Red Delta: Fighting for Life at the End of the Colorado River

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