Sneak Peek #1

I love this gate. One of many pictures I took in Spain, this gate has always represented possibility and opportunity–an invitation to pass through to new spaces. If you read anything about the impacts of 2021, you know 2022 reflects a total refresh of life and work for me.

  • Driving Pink published in Q1 (although I haven’t worked to promote this yet–that’s a Q4 task!).
  • In Q2, I’m working to build out a new YouTube channel (visit here).

Today, I want to  share that SEVERAL updates will appear over the next four months.

LeadUP! Conversations

First, I’m interviewing interesting people and posting these as LeadUP! Conversations on YouTube. Initial conversations include several authors, interspersed with other folks who make an impact on the world. In addition to the new videos, I’ll be repurposing audio interviews I’ve done in the past and placing these in the channel.

An example of the repurposed audio includes an interview with Kris Boesch. I shared an overview of her book Culture Works in this post. Listen to our conversation here.

Reinvent, Redesign, Pivot Product Launches

In Q3, you’ll begin to see some new offerings to help people generate significant positive change in their life and work. There’s been plenty of discussion about the “great resignation” as individuals at all levels and all types of workplaces began to rethink what they wanted. Whether the inspiration is a move toward dreams or away from frustration and exhaustion, I’ve been helping executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals define and design their “something different.” I’m excited to give this greater emphasis in supporting leaders I work with.

Changes To The Look And Feel

Right now, individuals, teams and organizations are directed to this site for leadership support, workshops, or keynote engagements. LEADistics has been home base for quite some time. Integrating the books (yes, in addition to Driving Pink, another is in the works), has been an interesting prospect. Currently Driving Pink has its own site. In Q3, a parent site will go live, with LEADistics and Driving Pink each having space there. I’ve had the domain for years; anyone who searches right now is redirected to LEADistics. During the transition, we’ll reverse the redirect. Lots of tech, and it’s all fun.

Keep watching. We’ll have more updates… Meanwhile, go forth and do great things!

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